Important Update For Our Valued Clients

Important Update For Our Valued Clients

First, let us say a BIG THANK YOU for all your support over the last few years;2020 was a year that none of us will probably forget, and we really appreciate your loyal support through it all. We are contacting you today to let you know that we have had to implement a  “Booking Fee” to secure our clients’ appointments.
It’s not something that we have taken lightly, we have had to think long and hard about this and although we have so many wonderful clients like yourself who always do the right thing, unfortunately not everyone does.
For our business to survive and continue to thrive, there are several reasons we must implement this new policy: With the reduced capacity because of covid restrictions, we have had fewer appointments available so we need to ensure that all available appointment time is utilised to the fullest Unfortunately, some people have done the wrong thing and Cancelled at the last minute, or even worse, have not turned up at all. When a client cancel’s with late notice or simply does not show up at all (no-show), it impacts on us significantly financially, and the Stylist is left with no-one to make look amazing. It also affects and inconveniences the many other clients that have been turned away because we were fully booked.
Recently we would regularly have over $2000 of late cancelations and no-shows in the same week; that is an enormous loss, no small business can afford that.
Your booking fee is NOT an extra charge, it’s simply held against your booking as a credit towards that appointment and taken off your final bill. Full details about the Booking Fee and all our terms and Conditions can be found on our website CLICK HERE We hope you understand and respect the need for this change.


We understand that sometimes the budget could be a little stretched, so we have worked with our computer system provider, and we have made available an online booking facility on our website. When you book online via this portal, it will only take a $1.25 Booking Fee to secure your appointment. The staff can assist you with this in the Salon or you can jump online and do it yourself… it’s really easy! Please note, however, that using this method collects your payment details, and if for example you cancelled very late or did a no-show, then we may charge a percentage of your appointment cost against your card. If that ever happened, just call us and talk to us about it first. Full details about the Booking Fee and all our terms and Conditions can be found on our website CLICK HERE

Book Online Here

We are looking forward to looking after you in 2021 and creating an amazing year to remember!  If you have questions, please contact us at the Salon and we will gladly discuss it with you.
The Team @ Chroma Hair Studio 0434 389 630

New Year’s Eve Hairstyles to Get Your Party Look!

New Year’s Eve Hairstyles to Get Your Party Look!

Get ready to party, New Year’s Eve style . If your letting your hair down (or not)  at the end of year party, whatever you do be sure to look your best.

To help on what styles are hot this year, Kim has selected some of the top looks from the latest runway shows. Here’s their favourite looks with some top tips on how to create these styles.

Big and Teased

This New Year’s Eve it’s time to bring back the beehive! the beehive and the sleek and polished bob were back at Fashion week: return of several iconic 60’s hairstyles . Add some subtle 60’s flair by trying a backcombed ponytail. This look will add a boldness to your style, but with an elegant twist.

Section off the front of the hair and tie a ponytail with the rest, as high as you like. Spray the front section with some volume dry shampoo to add texture and volume. Split into smaller sections and backcomb to create a quiff. For a sleek finish; wrap a strand from the ponytail around the tie and fasten.

Twisted Top Knots
Twisted Top Knots were everywhere at Fashion Week and it’s definitely one to try!Add some party to your everyday top knot to finish off 2018.

To create this look, divide the hair into two or three ponytails up high, split each ponytail in 2 sections and twist the together so you have two or three twisted ponytails. Now wrap the twisted ponytails around the bases of the ponytails until you have one combined top knot. This gives you heaps of texture!


Textured Side Sweep

To create a textured side sweep you can start by either curling or backcombing your hair for a raw look.

Next, create a low sitting parting on the side of the crown and sweep your hair across. Careful when you move them across from one side to the other so as not to break the curls ; a paddle brush is perfect to moving your locks without losing too much bounce and curl. Now move the rest of the curls underneath the parting around and over your shoulder



Add some NYE Bling to the look!
Glitter hairspray or a sprinkle hair glitter over the parting gives you that extra festive look





Soft Ponytails

Less dramatic but equally
as impressive, try a soft ponytail. The classic ponytail is always a winner: Curly, wavy or straight! Ponytails featured at this year’s fashion week. From Sleek and tidy to bohemian and messy with wisps of hair framing the face to give subtle texture for a softer finish. Dressing this look up is easy with beautiful hair accessories for a bit of extra New Year’s Eve sparkle!

What gets you washing your hair?

What gets you washing your hair?


A lot of people love to bathe. For them it’s routine – they start their day with a shower. Showering give people than fresh new day feels that gets them motivated.

A lot of people abstain from washing their hair due to health reasons. But, here are some reasons why you should:

  1. The oils

Some oils add beauty; some don’t. A lot of people consider their hair dirty because of oil. It makes the hair all clumpy and sometimes stiff.

The amount of oil your hair produces has something to with genetics, age, sex and the environment. Guess what, oil is produced more at your age of prime. At around 20’s to 30’s, expect your hair to produce more sebum than of the former years and after. It doesn’t sound convenient to how you want to look does it?

However, the good news is the sebum that’s produced by your hair is actually good for your skin. It has vitamin E that protects skin from aging and cancer.

  1. The sweat

Sweat is known to be the cause why a person looks “haggard”. This is why a lot of people often rush to the shower after a heavy workout. Sweat spreads the sebum giving your hair a different shine, and it’s not the shine you’re looking for. Naturally, your body would feel wonderfully healthy after a heavy workout, but not how you look. Although some people find it hot, do you?

  1. The dirt

Take a city with all the dust from the wind, the smoke from vehicles and the dirt. Add, your sweat under the heat of the sun, and you get a very bad hair day. This does not only affect your morale but also your ability to become more productive.

Dirt carry bacteria. When you don’t wash your hair asap, it may cause irritation to the skin. Having a longer hair makes it easy to catch more dirt. That’s why a lot of people just can’t wait to get home, turn on that playlist and get to the tub.

  1. The styles

If you’re job involves audience or national television exposure, then you must be one of the few who apply a lot of hair products every day. Whether it’s all natural for the shine or chemically induced to capture a certain style, you would want to get that out by the end of the day.

Experts advise to not sleep with hair products on. As much as possible, rinse it back before going to bed.

  1. The type

Your type of hair depends on your genes. Some have curly and thin; the others get the thin and straight.

Straight and thin hairs need to be washed frequently because the oil scatters fast. Having an oily hair makes it easier for dirt, dust and pollen to stick. Contrary to that, sebum brings out that beautiful shine for the thick curls. Curls hair need more moisture to stay soft and away from frizz.

Don’t you just want to wash your hair with a lot of shampoo now? No, don’t! If you think putting a lot of shampoo will make your hair more beautiful, think again. Everything has to be in moderation.

In our next blog, we’ll be talking about many times you should shampoo your hair. Here’s a clue, it’s not every day.

How to Make Your Hair Colouring Treatment Last Longer

How to Make Your Hair Colouring Treatment Last Longer

Hair Color

Hair colouring can dramatically change the way you look. If you’re tired of your natural hair colour, consider getting highlights or go for a bold hair color you’ve never tried before like fiery red or platinum blonde.

Hair colouring treatments can be expensive though and without the proper aftercare, you could end up with dry and damaged hair. Don’t worry, though. There are ways for you to make the most out of your trip to the salon. Here are some tips for you to make your hair colouring treatment last longer:

Prep Your Hair

Get your hair ready before your scheduled hair colouring treatment by using a chelating shampoo.This particular hair product is used to remove any buildup of styling products in your scalp and hair. Use it on your hair a day or two before your hair dyeing session. Applying a deep conditioning mask weeks prior to changing your hair colour will also give your hair time to get moisturized and ready.

Protect Your Hair from the Sun

Aside from fading your hair colour, prolonged sun exposure can dry out your hair making it look dull and frizzy. Make sure you protect your hair using a hair protector with SPF when you stay outdoors for long periods of time. Consider buying a hair sunscreen with sunflower oil for extra moisturizing benefits and antioxidants. When swimming in the beach or pool, make sure to wear a swimming cap to prevent colour fading.

Minimize Heat Styling

You are gonna have to lessen the use of heat styling tools like hair blowers, curling irons and straightening irons after a hair colouring treatment. These items speed up colour fading and they could damage your hair especially if you use them right after the colouring treatment. It’s best to stay away from heat styling for the first week or so after dyeing your hair. If you must style, use a thermal protectant to prevent heat damage.

Lessen Shampooing and Washing  

Regularly shampooing can fade your new colour and it could strip off the natural oils from your hair. Try to put off washing your hair for as long as you can. Salons usually advise customers to not wash their newly dyed hair for the next 24-48 hours. Another option is to look for a dry shampoo that you can use on your locks.

Install a Shower Filter

Hard water can speed up the colour fading process and they can also dry out your hair. Consider installing a shower filter to remove chlorine, minerals and other chemicals from your shower. Aside from shower filters, you should also make sure to wash your hair only with warm water and not scalding hot.

Use the Right Styling Products

There are hair styling products like hair gels, moisturizers, conditioners and shampoos made specifically for colour-treated hair. Aside from preventing colour fade, many of these products are formulated to bring out your new hair colour and keep your hair moisturized. Make sure  you invest in these products so that you get the most out of your new hair colour.

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?


Hair washing is probably one of the most basic of hair care routines. We know we are supposed to wash our hair regularly to remove dirt and oil and to prevent buildup from hair styling products. But what does “regularly” even mean? How often are we supposed to wash our hair?

First, we need to understand that washing our hair does not necessarily mean washing it with shampoo. Rinsing the hair with water alone does not affect the production of sebum, the hair’s natural oil, but shampoo could disrupt it.

So the right question that we should be asking is, “How often should I shampoo my hair?”

The truth is there is no magic number. The answer will depend on the following factors:

Skin Type

The three skin types are: super oily, super dry and balanced. If you notice your scalp is balanced or isn’t too dry or too oily, then you only need to wash your hair for about once or twice a week. If your scalp is super oily, then you will need to wash it every other day, perhaps even every day. People with oily scalp tend to experience itching and flaking if they go too long without shampooing so make sure to observe your hair when this happens. If your scalp is super dry, make sure to apply a moisturizing product like a conditioner.

Hair Texture

Shampooing will also depend on how thick, smooth or fine your hair is. If you have fine hair, you may need to shampoo your hair once or twice every week because the fine strands allow sebum to spread faster. People with curly or coarse hair textures need to minimize shampooing because it usually takes longer for natural oils to moisturize all that hair.

How Often You Style

There are countless hair products out there that could let us achieve whatever look we want with our locks. Keep in mind, however, that constant styling may damage hair. It is best to give your hair time to breathe and just be natural. Styling your hair with intensive hair products and washing it with shampoo everyday could increase the chances of damage.

The Verdict

While there is no magic number, we can all agree on these three important reminders:

  1. Let the natural oils of your hair do their magic. So, let your hair rest from all the artificial styling and chemical products from time to time.
  2. Using shampoo daily could damage your hair especially if you style often or if it is already dry to begin with.
  3. Using chemical styling products often can increase the chances of damage. Minimize chemical treatments on your hair and if it’s possible, invest on natural and chemical-free hair products.

Your hair is one of your best accessories so make sure to take good care of it. Take time to observe and understand your hair type so you’ll know how often you should really shampoo. Last but not the least, make sure to only head to salons that understand your hair needs.

Chroma – How to Choose the Best Hair Colour For You

Chroma – How to Choose the Best Hair Colour For You

Hair Colour

Your hair can be the best accessory to have so it pays to play around with the cut, style and even the colour. Whether it’s a completely new and bold hair colour or simply enhancing your current one, hair colouring treatments can do wonders to the way you look.

A new hair colour can accentuate your face and complement your naturally beautiful features. There’s a rainbow of hair colours that you can choose from so how do you decide which one is the best for  you? Here are some tips you must keep in mind when picking a hair colouring treatment.

Find Out What Your Natural Hair Pigmentation Is

Dyeing your hair involves stripping the outer hair colour and exposing the natural underlying pigments of your hair. What colour does your hair turn to when it is exposed to the sun? This should give you an idea of what your natural hair pigment is. If you want your new hair colour to be as natural and long-lasting as possible, your natural hair pigment can give you an idea of what shades to pick. For instance, if your hair pigment is black then you can pick colors that are warmer and closer to that colour.

Look At Your Skin Tone

Your hair and your skin are great assets so make sure the two complement each other. People with light and fair skin tones will look great with warm hair colours like strawberry blonde, gold, honey and copper. On the other hand, deeper skin tones will look wonderful with dark shades like dark mocha and brown black. Here’s a neat tip: brown shades like dark chocolate, chestnut and mocha is flattering on most skin tones.  

For more adventurous hair colors like pastel, you can let your imagination run wild but here are some tips to keep in mind: blue looks good on people with golden skin tones while saturated jewel tones like magenta and ruby complement tanned skin.

Consider Your Age

Your age is another important consideration when picking hair colours. The general rule of thumb is to pick softer hair colours as you age. Also keep in mind that colours on the extreme ends of the colour spectrum such as black and platinum blonde can look harsh on older people because they tend to bring out imperfections and wrinkles.

Find Your Celebrity Look-Alike

One of the quickest way to find out what hair colour looks best on you is to match yourself with a celebrity that looks like you. Which celebrity has the same skin colour and facial features as you? Google images of the said celebrity so you can get an idea of which hues look great on him or her. You can even show the image to your colorist on your next salon visit so you can achieve the look you want.

A new hair colour can instantly upgrade your current look. To get the best results from your hair colour transformation, make sure you only go to a professional.

Chroma Hair Studio has a team of academy-trained and award-winning master colourists. Contact us for more information about the hair colour you want to achieve.