We are Green

Its part of what we do

We place a huge importance on being environmentally conscious. As eco-friendly salon owners we try to diminish our impact on the environment by the materials that make up our workspaces and our equipment, in fact chroma was actually constructed using some reclaimed materials: our light fittings were salvaged from a second hand shop and repainted and we created the space within the existing walls to minimise additional new materials.

How do we ensure we are making a difference?

We have energy-efficient lighting and are conscious about water use. We have recently added a 3000lt water tank, and now use tank water at most of our outlets.

We recycle used foils. Like many salons, we were just throwing away used foils – we now use Refoil which is 100% recyclable.

We serve drinks in glasses, never paper cups or Styrofoam.

We have two baskets for salon employees and clients to throw away or recycle their trash. Given the option, people usually throw recyclables in the right basket.

We are almost paper free. We call, text or email clients about upcoming appointments and we have a Facebook fan page. In 2016, we will introduce tablets to replace stylists’ folders.

We look for fair trade ingredients, organic ingredients and chemical free ingredients in our product lines. We use ineralbased
colour made with limited or zero amounts of the ammonia or synthetic preservatives that can contaminate the water supply. There are only trace amounts of chemicals in the colour.