Hair Cut & Styling

Chroma design cutting


Includes a professional consultation, stress relieving scalp massage, stylecut, blow dry and finish

Our tiered pricing structure for all of our cutting services relates to the experience level of the stylist.

The difference in prices is an internal grading system we have at the salon for the stylists that is based on skills level and experience

Ladies 95 – 150
Re-style Ladies 115 – 170
Mens 60 – 95
Mens Deluxe 70 – 105
Re-style Mens 70 – 105
Buzz Cut 35
CBD w/ Hair Extensions 170 – 185

*Prices may vary depending on hair length and texture and Stylists level.

We are happy to help with an estimate over the phone or a complimentary 15min Consultation in the Salon.

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