New Year’s Eve Hairstyles to Get Your Party Look!

New Year’s Eve Hairstyles to Get Your Party Look!

Get ready to party, New Year’s Eve style . If your letting your hair down (or not)  at the end of year party, whatever you do be sure to look your best.

To help on what styles are hot this year, Kim has selected some of the top looks from the latest runway shows. Here’s their favourite looks with some top tips on how to create these styles.

Big and Teased

This New Year’s Eve it’s time to bring back the beehive! the beehive and the sleek and polished bob were back at Fashion week: return of several iconic 60’s hairstyles . Add some subtle 60’s flair by trying a backcombed ponytail. This look will add a boldness to your style, but with an elegant twist.

Section off the front of the hair and tie a ponytail with the rest, as high as you like. Spray the front section with some volume dry shampoo to add texture and volume. Split into smaller sections and backcomb to create a quiff. For a sleek finish; wrap a strand from the ponytail around the tie and fasten.

Twisted Top Knots
Twisted Top Knots were everywhere at Fashion Week and it’s definitely one to try!Add some party to your everyday top knot to finish off 2018.

To create this look, divide the hair into two or three ponytails up high, split each ponytail in 2 sections and twist the together so you have two or three twisted ponytails. Now wrap the twisted ponytails around the bases of the ponytails until you have one combined top knot. This gives you heaps of texture!


Textured Side Sweep

To create a textured side sweep you can start by either curling or backcombing your hair for a raw look.

Next, create a low sitting parting on the side of the crown and sweep your hair across. Careful when you move them across from one side to the other so as not to break the curls ; a paddle brush is perfect to moving your locks without losing too much bounce and curl. Now move the rest of the curls underneath the parting around and over your shoulder



Add some NYE Bling to the look!
Glitter hairspray or a sprinkle hair glitter over the parting gives you that extra festive look





Soft Ponytails

Less dramatic but equally
as impressive, try a soft ponytail. The classic ponytail is always a winner: Curly, wavy or straight! Ponytails featured at this year’s fashion week. From Sleek and tidy to bohemian and messy with wisps of hair framing the face to give subtle texture for a softer finish. Dressing this look up is easy with beautiful hair accessories for a bit of extra New Year’s Eve sparkle!