Important Update For Our Valued Clients

Important Update For Our Valued Clients

First, let us say a BIG THANK YOU for all your support over the last few years;2020 was a year that none of us will probably forget, and we really appreciate your loyal support through it all. We are contacting you today to let you know that we have had to implement a  “Booking Fee” to secure our clients’ appointments.
It’s not something that we have taken lightly, we have had to think long and hard about this and although we have so many wonderful clients like yourself who always do the right thing, unfortunately not everyone does.
For our business to survive and continue to thrive, there are several reasons we must implement this new policy: With the reduced capacity because of covid restrictions, we have had fewer appointments available so we need to ensure that all available appointment time is utilised to the fullest Unfortunately, some people have done the wrong thing and Cancelled at the last minute, or even worse, have not turned up at all. When a client cancel’s with late notice or simply does not show up at all (no-show), it impacts on us significantly financially, and the Stylist is left with no-one to make look amazing. It also affects and inconveniences the many other clients that have been turned away because we were fully booked.
Recently we would regularly have over $2000 of late cancelations and no-shows in the same week; that is an enormous loss, no small business can afford that.
Your booking fee is NOT an extra charge, it’s simply held against your booking as a credit towards that appointment and taken off your final bill. Full details about the Booking Fee and all our terms and Conditions can be found on our website CLICK HERE We hope you understand and respect the need for this change.


We understand that sometimes the budget could be a little stretched, so we have worked with our computer system provider, and we have made available an online booking facility on our website. When you book online via this portal, it will only take a $1.25 Booking Fee to secure your appointment. The staff can assist you with this in the Salon or you can jump online and do it yourself… it’s really easy! Please note, however, that using this method collects your payment details, and if for example you cancelled very late or did a no-show, then we may charge a percentage of your appointment cost against your card. If that ever happened, just call us and talk to us about it first. Full details about the Booking Fee and all our terms and Conditions can be found on our website CLICK HERE

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We are looking forward to looking after you in 2021 and creating an amazing year to remember!  If you have questions, please contact us at the Salon and we will gladly discuss it with you.
The Team @ Chroma Hair Studio 0434 389 630