How To Get The Perfect Tan

How To Get The Perfect Tan

How To Get The Perfect Tan

How To Get The Perfect Tan

In getting the perfect spray tan, there are a few tips we can give you to achieve it.

• Lightly exfoliate your body three days before your appointment. Getting the old skin off allows your tan to easily penetrate newer skin for a smooth look.

• Moisturize! Make sure your skin has plenty of moisture prior to the spray tan application. This will allow even saturation of the product

• If you shave your legs, do it the night before. Shaving right after your tan can shorten the life of it.

• Skip perfume, deodorant, or body sprays. Don’t wear anything that could be a barrier resulting in stains or spots.

• Wear loose dark clothing. On the day of the spray tan, wear old clothing, preferably dark. The spray tan will come off on your clothes. Wear old pajamas to bed that night as well.

And don’t get anywhere near water for 8 hours after the application to allow the tan to set.

Follow these rules and everyone will envy your beautifully tanned skin.

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