Summer is almost here. This is the season for sun, fun, and beachy waved hair. But there are those who get greasy, limp, frizzy, or even brittle hair.

We have listed down the problems that this season can bring to your hair and what you can do to solve them.

Chlorine Water. This can really change your hair colour, especially if you have lighter locks. It can also make your hair very brittle. Soak your hair with plain water before you jump into the pool. The plain water will bind to your hair making it harder for the chlorine to get in. You can also use a leave in conditioner to achieve the same results. Then follow with a hair mask to repair damage and seal the cuticle.

Greasy hair. The sunscreen you’ve put on your back and shoulders makes hair dirtier. So washing your hair more often is fine, especially if it’s longer.

Sun damaged hair. The sun breaks down strong keratin bonds causing weaker strands and fading colour. To protect your tresses, use a UV hair product, then add a leave in conditioner.

Frizz. Use anti-frizz serum or spray and silicone-based products to tame frizz and smoothen your hair. Stay away from heavy products as well.

Now you’re ready for summer.

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