Kim Astro is quite literally the “Balayage Queen”. Kim has been teaching Balayage classes to hairdressers all over Austalia, as part of the Australian Design Team for L’oreal Matrix.

Kim has created #GlamLights, #SassyLights and #SelfieLights as the foundation techniques for Balayage which she teaches and are now used by hairdressers all over Australia.

If you are thinking about Balayage, then come to the best Balayage Salon in Brisbane. We have 5 certified Master Colourist @ Chroma Hair Studio – Kim, Carly, Janine, Kyra and Mary: who can design a bespoke Balayage look especially for you.

What is Balayage?

“Balayage” is the French word meaning to “sweep” or to “paint”. Balayage is a free-hand technique of colouring, which is very natural looking. A Balayage gives you a gentle flow of colour with a natural regrowth. This helps for an easy follow up and touch up!

Balayage creates a beautiful graduated natural-looking effect. It is great for clients who want a natural look with some contrast in the hair.

Balayage is on every fashion runway and red carpet event. Many celebrities rock this look including Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Alba and Jessica Biel.

How Is Balayage Done?

During your consultation, your features,face shape and colourings will be considered along with which Balayage technique to use to achieve your desired Balayage look.

Once your stylist has chosen the Balayage technique they then add the personalisation eg, foils, Root stretch, Dimensional colour, Global colour, Blonde Polish or Gloss.

The colour is applied to sections of your hair, much further away from your roots than a traditional colour treatment. The colour is applied without saturating through, to create that soft, natural, sun kissed look.

Will Balayage Suite Me?

Balayage is Bespoke to you, the right colour chosen is very important for the end result to be amazing.

During your consultation your Master Colourist will consult with you to find you personal colours using our unique colour charts, so Yes your Balayage will suit perfectly. Balayage is a dynamic style which can be applied to most hair types, colours and lengths

What Is the Difference Between Balayage and Melt?

The difference between Balayage & a Melt is …….

Balayage gives you contrast throughout your hair creating depth & dimension.

A Melt is a more saturated blend of colours leaving you with a strong silhouette, a seamless blend.

What Is the Upkeep for Balayage?

At Chroma Hair Studio we recommend making your appointments every 10-12 weeks for a full Balayage referesh.

We also recommend a refresher in between appointments which does 3 important things;

  • it keeps away the Brassiness,
  • it helps your hair maintain a beautiful healthy shine;
  • but most importantly to keep your selfies on point 🙂